Saturday, September 17, 2011

John Hartnett Pt.3

Photo...John Hartnett (Villanova 435) leading the field in the 1971 IC4A Cross Country meet  with Donie Walsh (Villanova 447) to his left. Also shown (Manhattan 174) is Mike Keogh who grew up in Midleton in East Cork and emigrated to the USA when he was a child. He represented Ireland in the 5,000 metres in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Some 39 years after the photo above was taken, Donie Walsh unvieled a special commeration plaque in the town of Ballyhooly, Co.Cork (24th Sept 2010). The plaque commerates John Hartnett and his athletic achievements.

...and the plaque in closer detail...


1) The articles in the preceding pages were written by Olivier Ryan and appeared in the book 'The Ford of the Apples : A History of Ballyhooly'. They are reproduced here with his kind permission.

2) Much of the information here was supplied by Pat Nash of Ballyhooly. Pat is one of the organizers of the 'John Harnett Challenge' which is a 10 mile race in the hills near the town of Ballyhooly in North Cork. The inaugural race was in 2009 and it is held in August every year.

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1) For more information on Irish runners who have broken the 4 minute mile,  see the following article on the Athletics Ireland website.

 2) June 2010.....John Hartnett turned 60. A short article from the archives of the Villanova blog.