Friday, October 28, 2011

Ballycotton '10' 2012 Entry Procedure...


The entry procedure for the 2012 race (to take place on Sunday March 4th) is as follows: 

1) People can apply for entry forms anytime during November (up to Friday 25th) by sending a SAE to: Ballycotton Running Promotions, Ballycotton, Co Cork (see note below). Forms will then be posted out on Monday November 28th - ideally to arrive with applicants by the following day (Tuesday).

2) The form will also be put up on the website on Tuesday evening in pdf format where it can be downloaded and posted. There will also be forms in John Buckley Sports (Cork), Ger Wyley Sports (Dungarvan) and local shops in Ballycotton and Shanagarry that same afternoon.

3) The first 2,500 postal entries opened will be automatically accepted. 

4) Entries for the following will then be accepted by post up to and including Thursday December 15th: 
(a) All bona fide AAI (Athletics Ireland) registered club members.
(b) All runners who completed the 2011 Ballycotton Summer Road Race Series (all four 5-mile events).

5) Bona fide overseas entrants will also be accepted by post up to and including Monday January 9th.

6) As usual, a limited number of elite athletes will be accepted up to near race day. 
REMEMBER - When applying for forms, please enclose a large (A4) SAE with the correct postage,
stating the number of forms required. If more than one form is going to the same address (two or three members of the same family, etc) one envelope is sufficient. 
If the correct postage is not on the envelope we cannot be held responsible for postal delays. Also, we  prefer people to enter on the official form, so ask for enough of forms – there is no need to photo-copy. 

If you are a club member or have ran the 2011 Summer Series (see 4 above), there is no need to panic – you have over two weeks to get your entry in. In the interest of fairness and equality, we do not have online entry – and finally the entry fee is again €15 for the 2012 race.