For users of this website....

A new bookstore is now available on the Running in Cork website. I have tried to include a wide selection of running related books and there are now over 30 titles on offer.

These book can be purchased via Amazon in the UK. If you buy any of the books on the Running in Cork Bookstore by clicking on the links, pay a small commission to me which helps offset the running costs of this website. It doesn't cost you anything extra. In fact, Amazon pay a commission for any products bought during the session which starts there.....even if they are non-running related items.

So if you are buying anything from then you might consider starting on the Running in Cork Bookstore on one of the product links......which then starts a session......and then purchase whatever you want.

 Note : If they have the books in stock, they are usually delivered in a matter of days to your house.

Click HERE to visit the bookstore.